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Title InstantArrary® announced!
Time 2015-10-03
Content As an OEM company that provides its Firewall solution to many branded companies, L7 has focused on Layer-7 products such as application recognition, QoS, content filter and recorder, SSL content filter/recorder. However, in recent years, high-end Firewall market is mostly occupied by NGFW vendor PaloAlto® Networks. UTM vendors such as Fortinet® and CheckPoint® were left behind both in technology and market sales.
Since 2013, L7 started to integrate its OEM solution, namely the Firewall, and its unique solutions into a CGFW (Cloud Generation Firewall) InstantArray® product. With specialized hardware blades, multiple hardware modules co-work seamlessly in parallel to remain high performance while providing many cutting-edge functions. With a unified management interface, administrators can easily configure and query reports.
InstantArray® combines four L7 products into one appliance: (1) InstantBlock®: multi-WAN Firewall; (2) InstantScan®: application recognition and content filter/recorder; (3) InstantKey®: SSL content filter/recorder; (4) End-point agent: Line®/WeChat®/Skype® content recorder. With parallel hardware processing, Cloud-Generation Firewall can analyze cloud traffic for protection.