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InstantKey Features

Face the truth.

Threats are actually inside your HTTPS encrypted tunnels.

Filtering internal/external threats within https

Existing web security solutions focus on filtering threats within http channels. However, more and more web sites redirect users to https-encrypted tunnels for privacy reasons so existing security solutions are bypassed. Such applications include Google Search / Map / Mail / Drive / Doc / Plus / Chat / Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Facebook Chat, Dropbox, Yahoo Mail, Microsoft Outlook (hotmail) / SkyDrive / Skype / Line... As cloud services prevail, researchers had indicated that more than 40% of traffic will be encrypted in https by 2015. Auditing and filtering web contents becomes an uneasy job but everyone pretends to be unaware of this issue because no solution is available. ItíŽs time to face the truth.

Auditing https by regulatory compliance

Famous regulatory compliance includes Sarbanes-Oxley, PCI-DSS, HIPAA, SEC, FINRA, FSA, IIROC, FERC, NERC, CFTC, NFA, ... in many sectors. All electronic communications of an organization should be logged, recorded, and archived for years. However, encrypted communications are difficult to be audited so criminals are prone to hide themselves inside https. Digital forensics inside https are required for organizations to conform to the above mentioned regulatory compliance to avoid liability issues.

InstantKey, your transparent https solution

Painless deployment is essential to make users unaware of the https solution. Without dispatching an agent running on usersíŽ PC, InstantKey can transparently hook https transactions and issue valid certificates to usersíŽ browsers. No client installment. No client reconfiguration on proxy settings. No restructuring network architectures. Just simply put InstantKey inline then everything gets done. With a Cavium ASIC chipset to decrypt/encrypt data in https, network performance is guaranteed without degradation. Above mentioned https applications can be logged, recorded, and archived transparently.

Rich optional modules for best-in-breed security

In addition to auditing https contents, InstantKey platform has invited best-in-breed security solutions:

(1) AegisLab® signature-based filters for malware / botnet / spyware / C&C call-back
(2) AegisLab® cloud-based URL database for granular Employee Internet Managment (EIM)
(3) XecureLab® cloud-based APT scanner for malicious binaries / documents / encrypted attachments
(4) XecureLab® cloud-based APT Sanbox for anti-VM behavior analysis
(5) OCR Lab® data recognition engine for data loss prevention (DLP) on outgoing files / messages
(6) NetAuditor® Skype recorder engine for recording messages / voices / files through Skype

With Cavium® encryption/decryption ASIC, no degradation on performance

InstantKey support Cavium® ASIC chipsets to execute decryption/encryption during HTTPS AES/3DES decoding/encoding algorithms. This allow the multi-core system to concentrate processing the content filtering without performance degradatioin.