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InstantLock Features

Do you know the liability issues of leaking confidential / privacy data?

Difficult to catch internal theives

Data Loss Prevention is an essential component in every organization's security strategy, especially as threats continue to evolve. Cyber criminals are no longer just after customer data like social security numbers and credit cards; they are targeting organizations' high-value IP. According to Forrester Research, proprietary knowledge and corporate secrets are now twice as valuable as customer data. However, IP is hard for organizations to find and protect because it's scattered among low value data and spread out across physical, virtual and cloud-based infrastructure. Unstructured data is also growing at a rate of 60 percent per year, according to IDC, making it increasingly difficult to protect IP.

Most pratical DLP: InstantLock

L7 is the first and only vendor to apply layer-7 application control to DLP for document analysis. Without knowing the applications the user are using, it is inefficient and inaccurate to execute DLP. L7 automates the detection of hard-to-find IP with a high degree of accuracy, thereby reducing the risk of theft of sensitive document and data breach. In order to protect their IP, organizations must know where it is. This has been a significant challenge for organizations because IP is spread out and there can be subtle differences between what is sensitive and what is not, so finding it is time-consuming and costly. With ever-increasing amounts of sensitive data in corporate environments, traditional DLP detection technologies cannot effectively and accurately identify and protect IP, like source code documents that change daily. Collecting and fingerprinting 100 percent of confidential data is too time-consuming and expensive, while identifying the data with keywords sacrifices accuracy. L7 InstantLock DLP enables organizations to easily define and locate their unstructured data so that they can quickly prioritize which data needs to be fixed. Organizations that use L7 InstantLock DLP significantly reduce their risk of data breach while saving time and money through streamlined deployment.

On one hand, InstantLock uses its application recognition engine to recognize more than 1300+ applications to filter the content according to the behavior of the applications. On the other hand, for those applications or files that cannot be managed, InstantLock can block them to prevent them from hiding themselves. For example, P2P applications can be blocked to prevent leaking data through Bittorrent / eDonkey / ... Such connections can never be tracked by traditional DLP.

For device control, InstantLock also provides light-weight agents to execute DLP at the user side to stop leaking from USB connected devices.

Complete philosophy: inventory / tracking / alerting / blocking

Complete DLP solutions usually include three levels: Data-In-Motion, Data-In-Use, Data-At-Rest. InstantLock , as a gateway DLP, provides Data-In-Motion DLP mechanisms. With AD-dispatched agent to PCs to do DLP for Data-In-Use files or DLP for Data-At-Rest storage, target can be tracked or deleted. Users will be alerted if he or she owns the file.

Fixing BYOD issues

With WebGuard® protection from AegisLab® to stop apt/botnet/spyware attacks

Many confidential data leaks or privacy information leaks are caused by accidental clicking malware from social media/email. This kind of attacks will gradually leak the confidental data to the outside world. AegiesLab® has been focusing on attacks since 2005 and allowed its partner to lookup the threats to its cloud to block zero-day threats. Additionally, with a large number of installation base of AegisLab® free mobile security app on android phone, AegisLab® can protect mobile phone users and gather the newest threats from the customers. Hence, AegisLab® has accumulated tremendous amount of signatures to the cloud for partners. For many BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) users, L7 with AegisLab® can protect mobile phones from threats if the mobile phones access Internet through L7. Starting from 2013, L7 Networks has built-in AgeisLab® cloud protection to stop botnet/malware/spyware.