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InstantLock Screenshot

Starting the Co-Defense System: InstantLock can manually or automatically unlock the computer and can allow the locked person to wait for the auto-unlock after he/she has cleaned his/her computer.

Alliance Mode: InstantLock co-operates with sensors such as Juniper/Fortinet/McAfee to accept events and to issue ACL lock commands to Cisco/D-Link/Extreme/Alcatel switches.

Before locking the infected PC, the InstantLock will check the policy to decide if it should lock it or not.

In Juniper NetScreen series, the Deep Inspection module includes many IDS/IPS events. InstantLock can be customized to lock only some interested categories.

In FortiNet FortiGate series, the events can be categorized into many sets. InstantLock can be set to lock only some interested sets.

Inline/Sniffer Mode: InstantLock uses its built-in IPS module to immediately stop intrusions when detecting malicious events. If the event is a priority-1 event, the InstantLock will check the policy and issue an ACL command to the correct switch to lock the infected computer.

For the built-in upgradeable signatures, administrators can check the detailed information of the related virus, including when and how the malicious code can start the attack.

Moreover, you can customize the signature by yourself so as to block anything you want.

All the detected events will be listed in the IPS logs.

Log Configuration: InstantLock can be configured to email the events to the administrators so as to minimize the cost of resource recovery.

InstantLock can list all the lock events and the respective reasons to trigger the lock events.